201809Septemter 2018
For participants with experience in CI
date: from 09.05.2018 till 13.05.2018
place: Moscow!
with Anjelika Doniy and Leonardo Lambruschini

For participants with experience in CI, who is familiar with CI principles and enjoys dancing with weight exchange.
Every step is a dance both with gravity and the movement towards the sky. 
We will discover possibilities of the body to be light and ready to fly with each step. We will expand possibilities of the body to be light and ready to spread it wings with every step. Read more... >>
for beginners interested in Contact Improvisation
date: from 29.04.2018 till 06.05.2018
place: Moscow
with Anjelika Doniy

"My passion and intention to lead this workshop is inspired by the wish to awake people. 
Technique of CI is unique because it is not limited by age or skills of participants.
It can be important and healthy for everyone.

Dancing people - they are more kind, generous, rich and happy. This is what I observe in life. This pushes me to lead workshops for beginners and to begin to dance with them again and again. "
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for all comers
date: 28.04.2018
place: Open Center Metro Tulskaya, 18 Pavlovskaya str.
For people with some expirience in ci
date: from 07.09.2017 till 10.09.2017
place: Moscow-city
I've invited Leonardo to the Dance House because he is the Best.
There is series of people in my collection, with whom my dance connection is continuing...
We are moving along the world, from country to country - to dance with each other. To check - am I still alive, am I still dancing? 
I am expecting that Moscow,Kazan and my dancing friends will fall in love with Leo... 

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for friends
date: from 01.09.2017 till 03.09.2017
place: Tatarstan, Kazan
These days 1-3 of september we will gather with friends again, to eat, to walk and to dance a lot.
These are Birthdays of me and Leonardo Lambruschini - my cosmic.
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date: 29.08.2017
place: Moscow
29 of August,

29th of August, my Birthday. And Leonardo will teach the class before the Jam.
Magical, alive, absolutely reachable, close like a brother.

I wanted to share  my friend's dance, his italian temperament, generosity of his happy nature and his deep, wise eyes.

I saw him flying from the shoulder and landing to the back of third partner, just after he looked in the eyes from up side down and trusted to the fall.

This CI class will be about trust to elastic, strong body and to inventive, calm mind.
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For all alive people!
date: 02.08.2017
place: Open World, Pavlovskaja Str. 18, Moscow
A half day Taste of the Intensive Training 

Sunday, 7 August 2016, 10:00 - 14:00 hrs

The incredible success of our Intensive Trainings for Entering Open Clarity,
                                WAKING UP TO LIFE

is based on two facts:

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You are welcomed! 7 & 8 august 20:00,
date: 01.08.2017
place: Open World, Pavlovskaja Str. 18, Moscow.
“I am at service only
like a didgeridoo,
Truth speaking through me.
And having experienced it all
in this multidimensional life,
all the joy and all the pain,
coming from there
and there picking up
the people
being able to feel them
and take them by hand …”
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for dancing and traveling people
date: from 14.06.2017 till 18.06.2017
place: Italy, Casina Settarte
intensive workshop 
with Angelika Dony & Leonardo Lambruschini (Italy)

Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, and Bodywork

Five intensive days in the beautiful context of Casina Settarte immersed in nature among olive, fig, and almond trees, with beaches nearby. We will investigate on the body motion in the natural enviorenment and in the space surrounding it, alternating between indoor and outdoor activities. Read more... >>
For people, experienced in CI & Authentic Movement
date: from 18.04.2017 till 21.04.2017
place: Villa Gaya in Toscana on the nature

"We wish to create the space to really give participants to express them self in different forms. It is truly possible to open door for subcontinent mind to come on stage and to be understood. It is the best to do it in such safe conditions as Villa Gaya in Toscana on the nature. We hope the movement, dance, panting, writing can to satiate our body, refresh emotional stat, to clean the contact with itself. 
We feel privileged to be part of this process and ready to share our presence, knowledge, passion."
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