201810October 2018

What is a jam?

The notion of a contact jam originates in America. Same as jazz band jams, a contact jam is similar with an improvising orchestra where bodies are the instruments. Another analogy is a traffic jam… A spontaneous and unexpected car jam where all participants eventually start to communicate

What clothes should I wear for a jam?

It can be any kind of free or sporty outfit made from natural fabrics. It is better to bring two T-shirts – one with long sleeves and one with short sleeves or with no sleeves. To start, you can use light volleyball knee pads, socks or dance barefoot.

For me, jam is a small model of the world…

At first, I was creating jams as a space to practice contact improvisation, socialize and share information about the dance. This was a common practice in the West but I went further than that and added a class for beginners before every typical jam. Each class helps to make a warm-up, ‘break the ice’ and find an easier contact with the partners.

We perceive the limits of the body and the limits of the dance: 

  • what happens when I get through “passport control” and find myself on the other body’s territory?
  • am I free to do what I want and where are the limits of the permission? 
  • can we form a single country with another person for some time? 

It is a unique pleasure to watch the jams with new people and how they are sometimes endlessly surprised to see that communication can be that physical and gentle and that you can express your nature and your feelings in your dance with no fears. People come with ‘TVs’ in their heads and go back without them.

"How do you evaluate the condition of people who had never been in your class before and those who have been with you for a long time? What is the dynamics? How do their bodies, voices, destinies change, if it happens at all?"

It is fair to say that people who came for the first time and who decide to take the course are those who are taking a new try to plunge into their body. When they leave after the course, they are sometimes overwhelmed with how intelligent and powerful their body is. Some of the most surprised and delighted start going for international contact festivals, participate in other jams and expand their opportunities to be in contact with a lot of people. They start experiencing more joy and live a more juicy life.

I want these people to fly above the ground, feel the taste of their life sweeter than honey and sweeter than the sweetest chocolates… I want them to taste even themselves as sweets. I need to see dancing and joyful guests around me. I think that any soul is meant to be like that. Festivals and holidays are made for the same reason – as a center of energy to change, exchange, develop and transform. My contact jams are, hopefully, also a center of energy.