201810October 2018
Notes and poetry


I let my hands go – they flew to hug the trees

I let my legs go – they bent their knees before the God

I let my eyes go – they stopped looking for a place to live

I gave my mouth freedom and it did not utter a word in quiet astonishment and silence

I turned into a heart and I can’t stop now…

A treaty on the body

Your body was given to you just once in a lifetime and it needs carefulness and attention.

Feed it, love it, and let this food be both spiritual and physical.

Strengthen your body’s force and spirit, and it will serve you and return it hundredfold.

Work your body and rest your body, keep it relaxed and ready for survival.

Let it express itself freely, and this will be a basis for your health.


More trust to the body’s real expression is its chance to be full of energy, absorb and give, be honest in confronting situations and loving fearlessly.

This can be called a dancing body. Mind when you are doing something and thinking about something else – what is your body doing then?

It is like an abandoned house. The wind is blowing through it. It is lonely. It is not cleaned up. It is cold and empty.

Notice the moment you feel and become aware of something, express it with your body in relation to something happening right now.

The body is hot like a stove with fire kept alive, smoke going out and pies sizzling!

So let’s fill the body with life, a life that is in harmony with itself and not divorced with itself.

It will fill the body with gratitude and make it fruitful, generous with ideas, free in movement, expressing itself emotionally through the voice and behavior, finding its right place in the right time.

This can be called a dancing body.

If your body is relaxed and transparent, it has no tensions and is free from abundances or deficiencies, it lets in and lets out, it does not retain neither the good nor the bad. It is free and self-sufficient. Its vitality flows freely, it does not contain nether the good nor the bad, it can take any shape...

This is a dancing body.


You can trace a body that is in love. Its wishes, thoughts and emotions are inseparable, its vital force is flowing through and out, everything comes true and nothing is impossible. Everything smiles to it – from nature to the human beings.

Most importantly, this body is protected by its forces and its angels. It is protected with love.

Such a body has a royal touch, it takes the life in its fullness, it is generous and open.

It is accompanied with joy and success.


This is a dancing body.

For a body to survive, it needs to flow, it needs to be solid, liquid and gaseous.

For it to express these qualities timely, the body needs to be relaxed, empty, integral and calm.

It needs to feel its master in the house.


Good bye and wish you a joyful body :-)))


Your Angela.


My (already) so dear people!

In my mind’s eye, I’m including here everyone who has been in touch with me, who is in touch with me and who is yet to meet me, to become my friends, my students, all those who will share my aspirations and collaborate with me.

As well as those who will be by my side, the visible and invisible witnesses.

Please know!

My constitution, my rules and my borders.

I live this life by the laws of the heart. This is true for all the areas of my life.

Sincerity and honesty are my weapon, my instrument, my scalpel and my grace.

What everyone should understand or find when they meet me is that you can’t deceive me – my heart knows!

That is why deceit, inequality, arrogance, snobbism, intrigues and replacement of true things for false values are impossible in my presence.

Those who will do it will feel, realize and face a harsh answer or will get trapped where my sincerity and my sense of humor will disarm them. It can be instant or it can take time – depending on my awareness.

I live and respond fully, brightly, funny, silly or politely – depending on the situation.


My heart is joyful and compassionate in accepting people who are pure in their thoughts or are reaching towards purity and joy. Compassion is something that I never stop learning.


My mission is to share myself so that to make me and others happy.


I open myself within these wide borders as broadly as I can today.


I show my feelings brightly and openly in any situation. My space has room for people and their different feelings.


I am clearly present here and now in my aspirations, wishes and rules.

I do everything in time and I require this in return.

I am emotionally adequate to what is happening right now.

I face and accomplish creative and intellectual tasks.

I believe that anything can be achieved.

My truth is to create conditions to receive honest feedback and this is what helps me to improve. 


1. I take on the courage to look uncomfortable, silly and awkward. I settle this through questions to myself and others. 

2. Like a child who is total in its wishes and search for the truth, I clearly declare what I want to everyone around me.

3. I am real and I want to break free from illusions. This is how I influence my life and the life of people around me.

4. I am ready to serve to people. This is an essential condition of my existence. It defines all my actions.

5. I feel grateful for the life that I live and experience. This defines the meaning of my presence Here with You.