201801Январь 2018
Authentic movement sessions

Authentic movement.

Authentic” means genuine, original, true. Externally, this technique seems easy (like all the perfect things…). There is the Mover and the Witness. The Mover closes his or her eyes and follows the impulses that arise in the body revealing a story that his or her body is ready to tell right now.

An authentic movement session is a chance to better know the fundamentals of deep movement and recall that the wisdom is always near – in the Tao of the body’s flow. I create space for awareness, exploration and listening the impulses of the body. The participants watch the flow of movements coming from deep inside. The main aspect of the exploration is simultaneous attention to moving and being moved. This is, at the same time, an effort of directing attention and patient attention, allowing something to happen on its own. Philosophically, this is easy, but practically, this is a long way, a way to one’s own integrity. The only way is to follow through.