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Contact Improvisation Courses

A Contact Improvisation course normally lasts a few days in the evenings on weekdays and during the day on the weekends. Total duration of a day’s class is 4-8 hours.

Courses are divided in levels:

• for beginners

• for intermediate level

• for advanced dancers

and also often “for all levels”.

At the beginner course, I give the basics of CI, notions of the main CI principles. At an intermediate course, I offer more detailed and theme-oriented research. We create special space to practice and learn to speak the language of the dance that is there for any person in the world as this is the inborn language of our souls and our bodies.


What do I need to register for a course?
To confirm your registration, you need to pay a fee of 2,000 rubles as a guarantee that a place will be kept for your to be able to participate. Early registration also makes it possible to get a discount. If, for some reason, you fail to show up with prior registration, your fee is not given back and can be moved to another, more convenient time. A jam is the best occasion to announce your plans to take part in a course. You can also call or write priorly.

Over my teaching practice, I have come up with the following CI COURSE MENU:
FOR BEGINNERS: “If you were born not just to crawl”, “Legs like arms and arms like wings–I”, “The exciting basics of contact improvisation”.
FOR INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: “Practice and Romance in a contact dance”, “The unusual positions”, “Legs like arms and arms like wings–II”, “The luxury and generosity of contact improvisation”. 
FOR ADVANCED DANCERS: “Risk and trust”, “CI Lab”, “I am born dancing”.