201809Septemter 2018
for beginners interested in Contact Improvisation
«For those born not just to crawl...»
date: from 29.04.2018 till 06.05.2018
place: Moscow
For beginners in Contact improvisation and those who would like to go back to the basic principles 

Each day will open important topics:
- contact with your BREATHING; which is always here and now 
- SPINE -  the foundation of your bodies structure
- WATER - flow and softness, inertial movement, the sense of  "flow" in the movement
- WEIGHT, which can be light and weighty not hard and forceful
- SPACE - third-dimensional, spiral movement
- training of soft work with the floor, skills of falling, rotations.
- BALANCE, counterbalance, basic lifts of CI

And during all of these days we will DANCE.

Time: 29th april to 6th of may

29th april-2nd may (from sunday to wednesday): 12:00-19:00

3rd of may (thursday) - day off

4th of may (friday): 19.00 - 23.00
5th of may (saturday): 11:00-18:00;
6th of may (sunday): 12:00-19:00

Saturday 5th - class and jam in Open world center - included in the workshop

Price: early birds before 1st of april: 19000rub.
After 1st of april: 21000 rub.
At the first day of training 22000rub.
Nonrefundable deposit is 5000r.

For all question about the workshop write to Xenia Isaeva (fb): (dynat@yandex.ru)
You also can write a letter to Anjelika from this web-cite.