201809Septemter 2018
For participants with experience in CI
«Steps of development»
date: from 09.05.2018 till 13.05.2018
place: Moscow!
with Anjelika Doniy and Leonardo Lambruschini

For participants with experience in CI, who is familiar with CI principles and enjoys dancing with weight exchange.
Every step is a dance both with gravity and the movement towards the sky. 
We will discover possibilities of the body to be light and ready to fly with each step. We will expand possibilities of the body to be light and ready to spread it wings with every step.

7 ways to develop your dance:
1. Coordination between the center and extremities of the body, perception of the body as a complete thing.
2. Integration of spiral movement in the dance, using of 3-dimensional, multilayer, constantly changing space around.
3. Conscious interest for up-side down positions. Including of backspace in the dance.
4. Relaxing, releasing of tensions of the body. Understanding of tone in the body, ability of moving the body as a WEIGHT.
5. Practice of the Small dance.
6. Love for rolling point of contact.
7. Interest in composition and improvisation in the dance. 

As a result, the dance could become advanced in the sence of how we often see it in Jams - jumps, high liftings, readyness for risky offers and state of flight, playfulness and humour.
We will train our mind not to hinder our body from the fall.
To give ourself time to let go control and stress, connected with liftings and weight-exchange.
We will develop rational courage in contact with wisdom of authentic and honest body. 

Time: 9-13 of may

9th of may (wednesday): 11-18:00
10th and 11th of may (tuesday and friday): 19-23:00
12th of may (saturday): 11-17:00 
Evening open class and jam in "Open world" center are included in the training!

13th of may (sunday) 12-19:00

Place: Moscow

Price: early birds before 14th of april: 14000rub.
After 14th of april: 16000 rub.
At the first day of the workshop17000rub.
Nonrefundable deposit is 5000r.

Xenia Isaeva (fb): (dynat@yandex.ru)
You also can write a letter to Anjelika from this web-cite.