201809Septemter 2018
All levels
date: from 09.11.2018 till 11.11.2018
place: Buddist center "RIPA" Moscow

Composition in Contact Improvisation

A workshop about dance and the things in it that are visible and invisible

Vision is our way of seeing things. We will experiment with vision and stretch our ability to see from safety to aesthetic pleasure.

We will also look at what happens if vision is not our only way of looking and seeing. We will learn to trust this knowledge with our eyes open and closed.

We will practice CI and its relationship with the composition of space, time and place.

We will work with time and understand movement principles.

We will discipline the capacity to stay focused in the chaos and spontaneous in the clear boundaries of the form.

I am interested in seeing dance from the point of view of time, quantity, space, dimensions, pressure, gravity, temperature.

Like baking a cake.

Or calculating the weather.

Or telling fortune in the coffee grounds.

We’ll research the questions:

What is visible, predictable, teachable?

What is hidden, unpredictable and unteachable?

Can we see a jam as an art work in progress?

How does a witness influence a dancer? And how does a dancer influence a witness?

We will always start with ourselves and return to ourselves through dance, awareness, attention, silence.

CI is a perfect way to research different questions about dance, creativity, living through whatever is there.

We invite you to walk the ladder from “real” to “magical” and back =)

Our rivers will climb mountains.

Life will surely become clearer!