201807July 2018
for friends
«Birthdays in the Dance House»
date: from 01.09.2017 till 03.09.2017
place: Tatarstan, Kazan
We have three-days workshop with Leonardo Lambruschini and Anjelika, 1-3 of september.

Its a tradition - to celebrate Wishes come true. 7 years ago at my Birthday, me and Jeka, we took our bagages, got in the car and went to the village near by Kazan-city. House was very simple, but with banya and big garden full of berries, plants and plans..
Since then we dont have another house. All these years we were building House, and the House was building us. Our relashions with life, our vision and understanding. 

These days 1-3 of septebber we will gather again with friends, eat tasty food, walk to the river, and dance alot.

You can sleep in the tent in the apple garden - nice way to create some privacy. 
Another possibility is to sleep in the common room in the house.

Take with you
- enough of clothes for dancing and walking.  
- things for washing and banya. Towel, shampoo, soap etc, what you need - biologicly exceptable for garden
- some warm clothes in case, something from the rain
- sweeming suit for Volga river.
We cook and clean the space together. We walk, celebrate and dance together :-)

Participation is by Donation

In this project everything is possible!
We are not limited with timing, rent of the space. No need to run in a hurry between dancing and working, living and loving. 
Hous as it is resonates with my life.
This Birthday - is just a moment of my dance-long life.

Registration and information:

angeladony@gmail.com Anjelica
dynat@yandex.ru Ksenia